The Crooked Forest is an example of an interesting place that can also be creepy as hell (at least at night). The forest is located outside Nowe Czarnkowo in the West Pomerania Voivodeship (województwo zachodniopomorskie) and it consists about 400 pines planted there around 1930 when the area was a German territory. There are many theories explaining the strange shape of the trees.

It is generally believed that the pines were formed this way by some tools or planting techniques, but the motive of such actions is still unknown. Another theory states that the forest looks like that because of the tanks rolling over the young trees during the World War II which forced them to grow in a less conventional way for the trees to grow. Some people also believe that the woods were grown like that on purpose, created by the Compass Timbers (which are used in shipbuilding afterwards).

Poland Unraveled team believes that all of these stories are untrue and extremely boring. It is obvious to us that the Crooked Forest looks like this because of the great amount of black magic taking place at that time in this area.

Whatever the answer is, it’s a great place to see so don’t hesitate to start planning your trip!


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