Have you ever wondered how Polish you became or perhaps already are? If the time spent in Poland or your roots changed the way you behave or think? Do you know enough about Poland? Finally, are you daring enough to take this quiz?

What is the national animal of Poland?

During over thousand of years of existence Poland experienced period called golden age during which was regarded as one of the most powerful European states. It was time during which culture, freedoms and prosperity flourished and Polish territory reached from Baltic to the Black sea. When did golden era happen?

You’ve invited a couple of friends over for dinner. When they arrive will you:

In Poland there is one book recognised as the national epic and every Polish person knows it (or at least supposed to know it). It’s a compulsory reading in school and it’s written in rhyme. What is the title of this book?

The Christmas Eve on the 24th of December is one of the most celebrated days in the Polish calendar. How many dishes are traditionally prepared for the Christmas Eve feast?

When someone asks you how you are will you:

What is the longest river in Poland (at 1041 km / 651 miles in length)?

Do you own an electric cloths dryer ?

What is your ideal Sunday dinner?
Do you love pierogi?

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