Welcome to the Big Polish Awesomeness Survey!

Think Chopin, Copernicus, Warsaw, Krakow, pierogi and gołąbki, Poland has brought us famous historical figures, great cities and wonderful food.

To celebrate 100 years of Polish awesomeness (and independence) we would like to ask you about the best things in Poland. Together we can create a list of these awesome places, people, events and things to discover in Poland so others have also a chance to experience and enjoy it.

What is the best city or region in Poland and why?
What is the best Polish food? 
What was the most important historical event in Polish history?
Who is the most important historical figure in Polish history and what is he/she known for?
What is the best Polish movie ever?
Who is the most famous Polish singer or band of all time?
What is the best Polish book ever written?
Bonus question: is there anything about Poland that the rest of the world doesn't know but should?
What is your nationality?

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