Wroclaw city guide

Wroclaw, capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, by many considered as one of the oldest, most beautiful and greenest cities in Poland. Whatever the truth is, you can be sure that once you visit it you won’t forget it quickly. Some tourists and visitors call it WrocLove – probably because of their personal love stories and their strong feelings toward the city. This place in Poland is also exceptional because of the wide range of nightlife and cultural activities, so you better prepare for a great amount of walking, coffee drinking and partying instead of sitting in one place, staying at home and sleeping.

Wroclaw was ranked “The best city to live” in 2015, and has been mentioned as a city growing business center. It is the only Polish city that was in the top ten places to visit in the ranking of the British The Guardian. The city is going to be European Capital of Culture, World Book Capital and host European Film Awards in 2016.

Active exploring in Wroclaw

Grunwaldzki Bridge
Grunwaldki Bridge
Photo: Filip Dzik

Address: Wroclaw – everywhere!
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: free
Directions: just turn around and you will find them easily

Explore the city of bridges

Wroclaw is called “the city of bridges” and that’s a pretty good description as there are 117 bridges and footbridges. It is hard to sightsee them all but if you follow them you can explore some very nice and interesting places. You might try to count them or just to go across them all but the legend says no-one has ever succeeded in that. That does mean that you might have the chance to be the first one!

Nextbike in Wrocław
Nextbike station
Photo: duolook.pl

Opening hours: all time
Length of visiting: depens on you
Address: lots of places, check on the website
Internet: Link
Tel.: +48 22 382 13 12

Take advantage of the city bikes

In Wroclaw you can use city bikes, you have to only register on this website http://www.nextbike.pl/ pay 1PLN and you can start using bikes. Every 20 minutes of bike journey is free, after 20 min you have to pay 2 PLN for one hour, and 4 PLN for every other hour. But you don’t have to pay anything, there are a lot of stations for bikes in Wroclaw so you can easily change your bike every 20 minutes. (You don’t even have to change, just “return” your bike to the machine, and then take it out once more.

Clubbing in Wroclaw
Clubbing in Wroclaw

Address: Wroclaw, ul. Ruska 51b
Opening hours: depends on the club/pub
Length of visiting: until you feel you can make it
Price: depends on you

Go wild and dance the whole night

If you come to Wroclaw, you are obligated to party. The most famous place for partying is Pasaż Niepolda. It is an area very close to the town square where the best clubs and pubs in Wroclaw are situated. It is starting to get a bit crazy on Wednesday, and you can party there until the end of the week. If you are party animal you can check hostels there, and have a very short walk to your bed after a wild night.

Krasnale in Wrocław
Krasnale in Wrocław

Address: all over Wroclaw
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: free!

Dwarf treasure hunt

Looking for an adventure? Finding all the dwarfs will be quite a challenge! They are hidden all over Wroclaw, sometimes in very unusual places. Children can help you since they are about dwarves’ height so make sure you take them with you!

Aquapark in Wrocław
Aquapark in Wrocław

Address: Wroclaw, ul. Borowska 99
Opening hours: 8am – 11pm (every day)
Length of visiting: depending on the ticket
Price: check out the price list on the website
Internet: Link

Slip and slide in the aquapark

Wroclaw’s Aquapark is a place full of fun! Among many attractions, you can find swimming lanes, shower massages, a pool with real waves and many more attractions. If you want to relax, you can do it in jacuzzi hot tubes, saunas or the wellness centre. And for those active ones, there are fitness classes and a gym. What might be quite surprising is the fact that they even have a gym for children!

Culture hotspots in Wroclaw

Wroclaw's City Hall
Wroclaw’s City Hall

Type: monumental/attraction
Address: Wroclaw, ul. Rynek
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Wednesday-Sunday)
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: discounted – 7PLN, normal – 10PLN

Tour the City Hall

Wroclaw’s City Hall is a very interesting place. In its tower it hides the oldest clock bell – unfortunately not available to visitors. But! In the underground of the City Hall there is the famous Swidnicka Basement, which is considered to be the oldest restaurant in Europe. You will certainly find its unique decor and design interesting.

Ostrów Tumski
Ostrów Tumski at night

Type: mixed: park, monuments, churches
Address: Wroclaw, Ostrów Tumski
Opening hours: all the time
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: free

Admire Ostrów Tumski

The oldest, historic part of Wroclaw, located by the river Odra. We recommend it both to those in love and those single. But make sure to take your camera with you since it is a perfect place for taking photos. You can feel there the romantic soul of Wroclaw.

Hala Stulecia from the air
Hala Stulecia from the air

Type: tourist attraction/monument
Address: Wroclaw, ul. Wystawowa 1
Opening hours: depending on the event
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Internet: http://halastulecia.pl

Visit Hala Stulecia

Hala Stulecia is one of Wroclaw’s buildings you definitely should see. This object belongs to UNESCO, and there are organized mass events, like concerts, antique and minerals stock exchange, tourist fairs, and much more. You can check the full list of events on the official website and we guarantee you will find something that you’ll enjoy.

Water Tower
Water Tower

Type: art + restaurant
Address: Wroclaw, ul. Sudecka 125a
Opening hours: 8am – 12pm (Monday-Friday), 10am – 12pm (Saturday-Sunday)
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: depending on you
Internet: Water Tower Website

Visit Water Tower

The water tower is a structure in the form of a tower, on top of which a reservoir is located, used for ensuring the stability of pressure in the water supply system. It is a brick building built in neo-gothic style with some neo-roman elements. Currently, the building itself is used as a restaurant so you can eat and admire a great piece of design.

Museums and monuments in Wroclaw

Wroclaw City Museum
Wroclaw City Museum

Type: museum
Address: the market square
Opening hours: 10am – 5pm (Monday-Sunday)
Price: check out the price list on the website
Length of visiting: depending on the ticket
Internet:Muzeum Miejskie Website

The City Museum of Wroclaw

It was founded in 2000 and created by combining three separate institutions, namely, the Archeological Museum, the Historical Museum and the Old Jewish Cemetery. They all, apart from the last one, are located in the centre of the town. For the lovers of castles and palaces, we definitely recommend visiting the Royal Palace.

Panorama Racławicka
Panorama Racławicka

Type: museum
Address: Wroclaw, ul. Purkyniego 11
Opening hours: 9am – 4pm (Tuesday – Sunday)
Length of visiting: 30min
Price: discounted – 18PLN, normal – 25PLN
Internet: Panorama Racławicka Website

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is an unusual 19th century relic. It is a large painting (15x114m) that will impress everyone! It is closely connected to the history of Poland so you will have a chance to learn something new about our Polish bravery. And just one bit of trivia: the priming of the painting took 750kg of paint!

White Stork Synagogue
White Stork Synagogue

Type: synagogue
Address: Wroclaw, ul. Wlodkowica 9
Opening hours: 10am – 17pm (Sunday – Thursday), 10am – 16pm (Friday)
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: free
Internet: Wroclaw Synagogue Website

Sightsee the Synagogue

It is the main Jewish synagogue in Wroclaw, built in a classical style with roman elements. The synagogue is also the centre of Jewish culture, where many exhibitions, concerts, workshops and meetings are held. The atmosphere there is quite amazing so we recommend it to those looking for something unusual.

Chilling out in Wroclaw

Słodowa Island
Słodowa Island
Photo: myweek.pl

Address: Wroclaw, ul. Boleslawa Drobnera
Opening hours: all the time
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: free
Internet: Link

Discover Słodowa Island

It is a small island on Odra River, which is full of greenery, visited every day by many people. You can spend your time there in many different ways: you can walk, you can sunbathe and you can have a picnic or even a barbeque! Słodowa Island is also a place where many local events take place so if you are lucky you can take part in one of them!

Pergola Fountain
Pergola Fountain

Address: Wroclaw, Pergola
Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm
Length of visiting: unrestricted

Admire Pergola foutain

Pergola is an ornamental promenade surrounding a multimedia fountain. From the beginning of May until the end of October, every day you can go to Pergola and see the fountain show. From 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. on the hour there is spectacle lasting 4-18 min. However, it is better to come after 6 o’clock because there are additional shows made up of colorful lights. During the summer holidays, every Friday there are films shown, which you can watch for free.

Szczytnicki Park
Szczytnicki Park

Address:  ul. Mikolaja Kopernika
Opening hours: 9am – 7pm
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: 1-3PLN

Rest at the Szczytnicki Park

The biggest park in Wroclaw. Its most famous and beautiful part is the Japan Garden with plants and trees native to Asia. You can also visit “Grandpa” there – it is a 500-year-old tree which amazes everyone. Szczytnicki Park is the perfect place for Sunday walks and being active.

Botanic Garden - 1zoom.me
Botanic Gardens

Address:  ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza 23
Opening hours: 8am – 6pm (everyday)
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: discounted – 5PLN, normal – 15PLN

Dive into nature in the Botanic Gardens

Wroclaw’s Botanic Gardens are a perfect place for relaxing and spending your free time. It is the oldest, after Cracow’s, garden in Poland. It is also an ideal place for taking photos! You can find there many unusual places, perfect for photos.

South Park
South Park during the night

Address: south part of district Borek
Opening hours: all the time
Length of visiting: unrestricted

Chill in the South Park

Located in the south part of the Borek district, this very nice park is immaculately landscaped and well cared for. It is a great way to spend time either just chilling or walking. One of the highlights of the park is definitely the monument of Frederic Chopin – probably the most recognizable Polish pianist to date. If you’re a person who likes to spend time in the fresh air and you are not scared of walking around – you know where to go.

Wrocław's Zoo
Wrocław’s Zoo

Address: ul. Wróblewskiego 1-5
Opening hours: 9am – 5pm
Length of visiting: unrestricted
Price: 20-25PLN

Admire animals in Wroclaw’s zoo

The oldest and the biggest zoo in Poland. In 2012 many unique and rare species of animals were brought there so don’t be surprised if you see something for the first time. The zoo itself is divided into 5 different areas corresponding to 5 different continents. In such a way you can follow various ecozones if you like.

Stanislaw Tolpa's Park
Stanislaw Tolpa’s Park

Address:  surrounded by Nowowiejska street, Boleslawa Prusa street, and Edyty Stein street
Opening hours: all the time
Length of visiting: unrestricted Price: free of charge

Rejuvenate in Stanislaw Tolpa Park

A small, but nice park where you can spend time chilling out by a pond. Situated in the Śródmieście disctrict, you can meet a lot of students there (especially the ones from the Architecure Faculty of University of Technology). This place helps you to fulfil one, great objective… lay down and do nothing. Simply, go there and try it – it’s not difficult!



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